Our Camp

WadiRum Travel Camp : vue générale du campConstructed in winter 2011/2012 and renovated in the spring of 2019, our camp gives all facilities: toilets, showers and washbowls for women, toilets, showers and washbowls for men, individual tents for 2 people with double bed or 2 single beds, and family tents for 3, 4 and 5 people. Sheets and blankets provided. Sheets are changed every day. And you will be able to have a rest and take your meals in two big tents which one with wood fire.

It is located 12 km from Rum village in the "sunset area", and at one or two hours of step of the major sites to be visited.

Soirée dans le Wadi RumOne night, Jeep ride on the way back

Dinner with delicious food cooked under the ground, night in an individual tent in our camp. Breakfast and back to the village by jeep.

Price: 20 JOD per person


One night in Wadi Rum, camel ride on the way back

Nuit dans le wadi rum

Traditionnal dinner, night in our camp, breakfast and back to the village by camel (2h camel ride).

Price: 40 JOD per person with one camel per person



vue  salon exterieur.jpg

WadiRum Travel Camp : buffet  Wadi Rum Travel camp : zarb

Wadi Rum Travel camp : cheminée et salon  Wadi Rum Travel camp : salon

Wadi Rum Travel camp : tente individuelle lit double  Wadi Rum Travel camp : une tente 2 personnes 2 lits

Wadi Rum Travel camp : Toilettes  Wadi Rum Travel camp : vue generale 2

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A night in the Wadi Rum